Beef Sales

Beef Sales

All beef sold from Coopers Farm is from our own animals. All our beef is hung for a period of 28 days. This gives the meat an exceptional flavour and tenderness that you will not get from any supermarket. All our beef is from our pedigree 'Sussex' herd, this is a historical breed which were grazing the High Weald in Anglo-Saxon times (pre 1066).  

We take great pride in our butchery, using our own dedicated butchers Dave and Ivan who have the skills of catering for our customers needs. We specialise in historical cuts of beef which you cannot buy in a supermarket. Eg. Aitch Bone, Goose flank, and Feather Blade. But we also cater  on traditional cuts of fillet, sirloin, rump, silverside, as well as, large roasting joints such as Rolled Forerib on the bone, or Top Rib on the bone. For a full  selection of our products please see below.

Fillet Steak – Price £39.00 per kilo


Fillet is one of our most popular cuts. Also known as tenderloin. One of the prime cuts. Has little fat and is very tender thanks to our dry cure hanging for 28 days. Used in dishes like Beef Wellington. Lean, tender and exceptional flavour. A real treat for any meal.

Sirloin Steak – Price £24.90 per kilo


Comes from the same area as sirloin but cut into steaks such as "T"-bone, Porterhouse and Entrecote. A prime cut which is suitable for grilling, frying, stir-fries and barbecuing.

Tender and full flavoured, good marbling on steak, fat on outer edge.

High Quality BBQ Steak (The best to impress friends)

Ribeye Steak – Price £20.50 per kilo


Forequarter From the fore-rib/wing rib.

High marbling content, tender and full flavoured (Steak for the romantic meal for two). Coopers Farm Ribeye steaks are generally large in size, so can be cut down or present whole to really impress your friends at the BBQ. No need for any seasoning as this steak has exceptional flavour.

Rump Steak – Price £18.50 per kilo


Although a prime cut, it is usually cheaper than fillet or sirloin because it's not quite as tender. Considered by many to have a far superior flavour than sirloin or fillet. Suitable for quick cooking e.g. frying, stir-fries, grilling or barbecuing.

Very flavoursome, fat on outer edge, variation in tenderness.


Minute Steak – Price £16.50 per kilo


Often ignored but really should not be. If you are having a large party, then using this cut could be right thing if cooked correctly. Good cheap BBQ meat, but don't over cook it!

Best suited for quick BBQ cooking, 1 minute on each side and pull off, over cooking can make the steak tough. Good for summer parties, where you want to keep costs down. Our butcher pre tenderises the steaks prior to packing and highly suited for extra seasoning and marinades for that special touch with your guests.

Feather Blade Steak – Price £13.50 per kilo


Another underrated cut, with good flavour and price to go with it. This cut comes from the Forequarter Shoulder/top of blade and is distinctive because of the feather-line of fat running through the steak. This gives it the flavour. We often recommend this cut for children or people who are wishing smaller portions. It responds well to seasoning and marinades.

Best suited to slow moist cooking, tender and flavoursome. Can be cooked on BBQ, grill, or slow cookers.

Blade Steak – Price £12.00 per kilo


Another unknown steak by many of our customers. The Blade Steak (also known as Iron Steak) comes from the Forequarter Shoulder/top of blade. It's a smaller steak with very little fat but does have marbling effect.

Can be used on the BBQ but much better to marinade and cook slow moist cooking results in tenderise the meat for your guests.

Stewing Steak – Price £8.50 per kilo


Stewing steak is the cheapest type and ideal for winter casseroles; brown it first to keep it tender; stewing steak absorbs other flavours such as wine and spices really well. Ideal for slow cooking.

Chuck Steak – Price £9.50 per kilo

DescriptionDiced Chuck Steak 400 grams

This is a cut of beef from the shoulder. The overall joint is called 'chuck and blade' (it's also occasionally known, confusingly, as 'shoulder') and comprises both a chuck steak and a blade steak which when diced is sold as 'chuck and blade'. 

As it’s a part of the animal that has worked the hardest during its life, this is one of the tougher cuts, so it’s less expensive and has lots of flavour but needs long, gentle cooking. Ideal for casseroles and stews.

Skirt of Beef – Price £9.50 per kilo

DescriptionImage result for skirt steak

Taken from the underbelly of the cow, skirt steak is very good value but should not be overcooked beyond medium otherwise its becomes very tough. Skirt is traditionally used in Cornish pasties. Very good flavour.

Shin of Beef – Price £9.50 per kilo


Beef shin is also known as the shank, this is highly worked muscle from the lower leg. Best results are obtained from slow cooking over a low heat and this will give a moist tender meat with a rich beef flavour. We normally serve off the bone, but some customers prefer the bone included. If you would like this special cut please make contact with the farm via our contact page.

Beef Mince – Price £9.50 per kilo


Our beef mince is extremely popular, and we do bags of 250g, 500g, 1 kg and 5 kg. All our mince is classified as lean mince and we do not add any fat or sinew. As described elsewhere all our carcasses are dry hung for 28 days as a minimum, and this gives the mince an extremely rich flavour. We get feedback from families that children will only eat Coopers Farm mince and not touch supermarket beef mince which has not benefitted from hanging. Great for a variety of recipes. If you require large orders of fresh mince please send in request via contact form.

Oxtail – Price £9.50 per kilo


Our Oxtail is extremely popular and sells very quickly so please contact the farm if you wish to reserve an Oxtail. Oxtail is best cooked slowly at least three hours - but will reward you with a deep, hearty stew or soup. Make oxtail soups and stews the day before, leave to cool, then scrape off the solidified fat the following day to assist cooking Yorkshire puddings. Oxtail is perfect for pre-cooking and eaten the following day. 

Beef ‘Chilli’ Sausages – Price £9.50 per kilo


Our homemade 'Chili' beef sausages are extremely popular with our customers. They are larger than normal pork sausages. The flavour is subtle with a slight heat aftertaste, but it compliments the flavour of the beef sausage. They are excellent for summer and winter bbqs, or for winter 'toad-in-the hole'. Served in packs of six.  

Beef Kidney – Price £9.50 per kilo


Our beef kidney is very popular. Used in beef (chuck or Stewing) steak and kidney pies / puddings. Limited supply so always best to contact farm first.

Whole Fillet – Price £39.00 per kilo


A whole beef fillet has a thinner, tapered end. Tuck this end under itself and then tie the whole thing up so that it is the same thickness all the way around. For steaks, stand each one up on a cut end and tie kitchen string around it so it's in a round shape.

Whether it's served at a romantic dinner for two or it's roasted whole as the centerpiece of a holiday dinner, beef fillet is the classic choice for a special and sometimes over-the-top main dish.

It's also one of the most expensive beef cuts around and by hanging our beef for 28 days ensures this cut has exceptional flavour, so there's a lot of pressure to not mess it up. Whether you're cooking fillet steaks for your sweetheart or roasting the whole cut for a crowd, here are some tips to help you have a great dinner.

Evenly cover the surface of the meat with a thin layer of sea salt, and don't be afraid to also use dried herbs or crushed garlic for some extra flavors. The salt will bring out the beefiness in the tenderloin.

Fillet is best served rare or medium rare, so use a thermometer to make sure it doesn't get cooked past 140°F in the center. If you have guests who like their meat well-done, consider cutting a whole tenderloin into pieces and cooking them to different temperatures to please everybody.

When your fillet is done cooking, set it aside in a warm place to rest a few minutes for steaks, and around 10 to 15 minutes for whole tenderloins. This lets the meat relax and gives it a chance to redistribute and reabsorb all the juices.

Rolled Sirloin Joint – Price £23.00 per kilo


Our rolled sirloin joint is cut from the loin, then boned, trimmed and rolled, by a hand by a Dave or Ivan our traditional butcher. 'Sussex' rolled sirloin is a succulent traditional British beef classic dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days, for an exceptional depth of flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. For the best sirloin roast beef, mix garlic, thyme and olive oil with some black pepper. Rub over the beef and leave for at least 1 hr, the longer the better.

Top Rump Joint – Price £20.00 per kilo


The prime cut is fantastic for roasting, as its very tender and can be carved into large lean slices. However, because the muscles used for this cut carry less marbling, they are usually sold ‘barded’. This means that thin sheets of fat, usually taken from the flank of the same animal, are wrapped around the outside of the rolled muscle then tied in place with string to produce a neat, cylindrical joint.

Some Coopers Farm tips for cooking beef joints.

  • Let the meat come to room temperature before you cook it.
  • Roast the beef at  a high temperature (240°C/fan220°C/gas 9, or as high as your oven will go) for about 15 minutes to get the heat through to the centre of the joint. Then reduce the temperature to 190°C/fan170°C/gas 5 and continue to roast for 12-13 minutes per 500g for rare, 17-18 minutes per 500g for medium, or 22-24 minutes per 500g for well done.
  • Rest the meat before carving. This allows the meat fibres – which contract in the oven – to relax again, so the meat will be more tender.

Rolled Forerib off bone Joint – Price £18.00 per kilo


This is cut from the fore rib and boned and rolled resulting in a tasty joint that is more economical than a rolled sirloin. One of the grandest roasting joints of all, the rolled forerib has plenty of fat marbled through the flesh that adds flavour and keeps the meat tender during cooking. Rib-eye steaks are the boneless steaks cut from the forerib. 

Topside Joint – Price £16.00 per kilo


A real family favourite.  Topside is ideal for roasting as it is very tender and can be carved into lean slices. You cannot go wrong with this traditional Sunday roasting joint, from rare, medium and well done the meat has exceptional flavour. This is a prime lean cut of beef from the rear of the animal, our butchers Dave and Ivan prepare the joint rolled and tied with a layer of fat for roasting. It can also be pot-roasted, braised or boiled.

Topside can be bought in small to large joints depending on how much you need.

Aitchbone Joint – Price £16.80 per kilo


Cooked Aitchbone Roasting Joint

This 28-Day aged, hand tied roasting joint is an old fashioned beef cut which is popular with the discerning customer. Located next to the Rump and with its coarser texture it gives you a unique flavoursome taste. Aitchbone beef isn't quite as tender or well marbled as sirloin or round roast, but the lean meat is flavourful, and better for you because it contains less fat.

Aitchbone beef roast should be cooked slowly to retain as much moisture as possible. For best results, serve aitchbone roast cooked below the medium well-done point.

Forerib on bone Joint – Price £15.00 per kilo


This has to be our Ultimate Roasting Joint. One of the grandest roasting joints of all, the forerib has plenty of fat marbled through the flesh that adds flavour and keeps the meat tender during cooking. Rib-eye steaks are the boneless steaks cut from the forerib.

If you're not sure how much to order bear in mind that 1 Rib weighs approx 1.5kg, 2 Ribs 3kg, 3 Ribs 4.5kg and 4 Ribs 6kg

Silverside Joint – Price £12.50 per kilo


Taken from the hindquarter this is a large, lean, boneless cut of meat with very little marbling of fat and a wide-grained texture. It gets its name from the shiny silvery membrane covering its internal surface.

Silverside is best pot-roasted or roasted in the oven with some liquid in the roasting tray so that steam is created to keep the joint moist. Don't forget to rest your joint for at least 20 minutes before serving.

Silverside is tradionally used to make salt beef. Mini joints are also available which are suitable for smaller households and will serve 2-3 people. These joints are often sold with added fat for roasting.

Top Rib on the bone Joint – Price £11.50 per kilo


The king of Sunday roasting joints, the forerib has plenty of fat marbled through the flesh that adds flavour and keeps the meat tender during cooking.  Coopers Farm normally does 3 and 4 rib cuts, but larger joints can be ordered upon request.

Oven Buster on bone Joint – Price £11.50 per kilo


The name Oven Buster comes from the fact that these short ribs are normally cooked for a long time at a very low heat and during the cooking they swell up, looking bigger when you take them out of the oven, than when you put them in. These are a cheap and delicious, old fashioned, cut of beef. You may have trouble finding them outside of a traditional butchers shop but Coopers Farm has them.  They taste a bit like the meat on an ox tail.

Large Premium Meat Box – Price £280.00


This large premium family box represents excellent value for money, and many customers choose to go down this route. The box includes 4 kg steaks, 11kg roasting joints, 8kg mince, 3kg braising / chuck steak, 12 pack of pork sausages and 12 pack of pork sausages. Or a combination of your own requirements. Normally customers save 20% in costs by buying this Meat box.

Small Premium Meat Box – Price £150.00


This small family premium box includes 2kg steaks, 5kg of roasting joints, 4 kg mince, 2kg braising steak / chuck steak, 12 pack of sausages (pork or beef depending on requirements). We also normally add something different so all our customers gets something of added value.