Pork Sales

Pork Sales

All our pork is home grown and reared from the farm. We run a pedigree Gloucester Old Spot and have our own breeding animals. Occasionally we have excess weaners for sale, and are available for purchase of smallholders. The Gloucester Old Spot has been chosen because it produces particular good back bacon and pork roasting joints. The meat has exceptional flavour with a good balance of fat to meat ratio.   Our sausages are also made from our unique recipe known as the 'Saxonhurst' sausage. This is exclusive to Coopers Farm. For a full list of our products see below.

Pork Sausages – £9.50 per kilo


Our homemade unique recipe the famous Coopers Farm 'Saxonhurst' Sausage. All our sausages are free from additives and preservatives, and therefore frozen at the point of making. We also guarantee 95% meat in all our sausages.


Back Bacon – £15.00 per kilo


All bacon at Coopers Farm is hand dry cured bacon using natural ingredients. We do not add any water or preservatives. As cured bacon suggests it should naturally be preserved with the salts and sugars added to the meat during its curing process. We have chosen Gloucester Old Spot pigs as we find they produce a high quality back bacon with a good proportion of meat to fat rind.  


Streaky Bacon – 12.00 per kilo


All our bacon is home dry cured using natural ingredients. it takes approximately 20-28days to dry cure bacon by hand. Our streaky bacon has an exceptional flavour. We also do smoke our bacon upon request.


Gammon Joints – 18.00 per kilo


All our Gammon joints are cured using natural ingredients sugar and salt over 30 days period. The gammon is normally left on the bone and assists in maintaining flavour and tenderness. Our joints are hugely popular especially at Christmas time, so if you wish a large gammon please contact the farm to ensure one is reserved for you.


Gammon steaks – 15.00 per kilo


Coopers Farm gammon steaks are hand cured from natural sugars and salt over 30 days before cutting. Our gammon steaks have an exceptional flavour and are highly suitable for grilling, bbq, or frying. The meat is tender, and succulent. Easy meal for family.


Rolled Shoulder – £9.00 per kilo


Pork rolled shoulder with crackling needs slow cooking and it will turn into the softest, tenderest piece of meat ever. The rind will crisp up (if you slice at it) into delicious strips of hard, crunchy and tasty crackling.

There are many theories about what makes the best pork crackling- some filled with truth, others superstition. Here are some for you to consider.

1) You need to score the rind- hopefully a butcher will have already done this for you, but if not, use a stanley knife (and be very careful).

2) You don’t want more than 0.5 cm of fat underneath the skin. Any more than that and you will most likely have a degree of rubberiness to your crackling (and possibly more fat than most of us should ingest) . If there is more, open it up like a book and trim it out, before folding it back over and tying your roast.

3) Pour boiling water over the top of the rind before baking. This will help encourage the crackling to fan out, allowing air to circulate deep into the crevices.

4) After that, be sure to dry the rind very well. Paper towel is good. I’m a little obsessive, so I take to it with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes.

5) Salt it generously, into the scores- but only do this just before it’s about to go in the oven (otherwise the salt can help draw out extra moisture- and moisture is the enemy of crackling).

6) Have the oven very hot (but make sure it’s clean. A very hot oven, plus ancient drippings on the bottom will lead to a very smoky kitchen).

7) Serve the crackling sparingly.

Crackling is not something we should eat all the time. But it does have a certain charm. It goes better with cider or ales than most things. It has the same crisp appeal as autumn leaves under your feet. And it provides a much called for contrast to a soft and squishy meal of blonde meat, soft onions and downy apples.


Leg on the bone – £7.50 per kilo


One of the prime cuts, which can be roasted or cured into ham. Highly popular for large parties or gatherings. Exceptional flavour. Can be cut as whole or in half. A whole leg can weigh up to 20lbs in weight. Curing a whole leg, takes up to 30 days and we hand cure using natural ingredients.


Pork Ribs – £7.00 per kilo


Our pork ribs are hugely popular and have loads of meat on and make a great meal if marinated correctly and slow cooked.

Our preferred recipe for BBQ ribs.

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Cut spareribs into serving size portions, wrap in double thickness of foil, and bake for 1 1/2 hours. Unwrap, and drain drippings. (I usually freeze the drippings to use later in soups.) Place ribs in a large roasting pan.
  2. In a bowl, mix together brown sugar, ketchup, hoi sin sauce, Worcestershire sauce, rum, sweet chili sauce, garlic, mustard, and pepper. Coat ribs with sauce and marinate at room temperature for 1 hour, or refrigerate overnight.
  3. Preheat grill or BBQ for medium heat. Position grate four inches above heat source.
  4. Brush grill grate with oil. Place ribs on grill, and cook for 30 minutes, basting with marinade.