Egg Sales

Egg Sales

All our chickens and ducks are free-range and run on organic principles. We run  Light Sussex flock and Cherry Valley ducks. We average 240-260 hen eggs per year, and rear all our birds on site. We do not import anything.

The ducks are also produce approximately 200 eggs per year, and are particularly good for Yorkshire pudding, bread, or baking cakes.

Chicken Eggs – £1.75 half dozen


Our Light Sussex hen eggs are extremely popular with our customers. All our hens are free range, and are rotated on fresh pasture every couple of months. Our hens lay on average of 240 to 260 eggs a year (from 180 to 320 eggs). 

The eggs have rich orange yolk and many parents claim that children will eat only Coopers Farm eggs!! Perhaps that's because they had to go and collect them fresh from the nesting boxes.


Duck eggs – £2.50 half dozen

Free range duck eggs larger than chicken eggs and excellent for baking cakes.


At Coopers Farm we run Cherry Valley Ducks. These ducks belong to our young farmer Joe Love (The duck commander).  The Cherry Valley ducks are similar to the Aylesbury and are a dual purpose duck for meat and eggs. The ducks can produce around 300 large eggs per year although they do have a break when they are moulting.

Duck eggs are full of flavour and are richer and slightly larger than hen eggs. You can eat them in the same way, but if you’re not a fan of their taste on its own, try using them to enrich your baking recipes.