Our Cows

Sussex Cattle

Coopers Farm runs a pedigree Sussex herd. The herd is split into two groups A and B. The A group is our breeding herd and the B group is the beef fatteners or finishing beef.

Sussex Cattle have evolved over many hundreds of years.  It is believed that the Sussex Breed of today is descended directly from the red cattle (Anglo Saxon) that inhabited the dense forests of the High Weald at the time of the Norman Conquest 1066.

The 'Sussex' has been an English breed for hundreds of years and has developed its special characteristics on clay soils on which it has been raised for a lengthy period of time and under conditions which have confirmed its inherent good qualities. For example, it has adapted to wet and cold conditions of winter to the dry drought conditions of summer. It is on account of its ancient lineage that Sussex Cattle are so prepotent and stamp their qualities in no uncertain fashion, while as from the first the colour has always been a mahogany red, this colour does not vary and is dominant in calves sired by a Sussex bull from other cows.

Originally, and for many generations, the Sussex were a draught breed and it is from the result of hard work in the plough, the wagon and in the timber tugs that they attained their hardy constitutions and a frame of such symmetrical proportions that when steers of the breed had finished with the yoke it was little or no trouble to feed them to great weights of excellent beef.

The modern Sussex is a highly economical, well muscled, easy and economical to produce animal giving the best quality beef.