This meat is amazing and

This meat is amazing and the team are super nice being the sun of the boss my dad! They can be pain but overall they good people and a great family.

Lovely food and lovely people

A large selection of fresh produce, with a lovely flavour. Highly recommended to everyone. Lovely new website by the way 🙂

I had the opportunity to

I had the opportunity to stay at Coopers Farm last Autumn and to taste their meat while I was there. Both experiences were unforgettable. I would definitely recommend any meat lover in the area to pay them a visit!

Never been a supporter of local farming until now

Visited with my kids at the weekend took about 30 minute from Hove, easy to find. Environment friendly, organically reared Sussex animals, shop, Farmer (Michael Lunn) on site, Local farming at its best. The coopers farm team produce fantastic tasty healthy meat you can buy at the shop on site. You’ve got to go if you support any of those.


Absolutely lovely!!! We bought them for the first time today and they are the best. We bought pork and apple and pork and leek. Very glad we picked up your leaflet and fridge magnet!!