Fillet Steak

Fillet Steak

Price: £39.00 per kilo


Fillet steak is one of the best cuts of meat you can have. It has exceptional taste and tenderness, and is much sort after by our customers. All our beef is dry hung for 28 days which allows the meat to mature with a exclusive flavour.

How to cook it…

  • 1) Cook your fillet steaks in as hot a pan as possible, turn the heat right up and get that pan as close to the temperature of the surface of the sun as you can because this will caramelise the sugars on the edge of the meat and seal in the flavour.
  • 2) One of the most common debates raging over cooking fillet steaks is cooking them straight from the fridge vs. room temperature. We advocate room temperature as cold steak hitting hot pan means a reduction in temperature in the pan and the most important rule of perfect fillet steaks is to have a searing hot>
  • 3) Dry your fillet steaks. Pat them with kitchen towel as the evaporating moisture in the pan will act like steam cooking and prevent the caramelising effect that we are going for.
  • 4) Rub your fillet steaks with a little sunflower oil or other oil with a high smoke point; don’t use olive oil as it will burn at this temperature. Rub in pepper if you like and salt if you must.
  • 5) Place your fillet steak in the pan and leave it there sizzling away for 30 seconds (you may wish to use this time to open some windows!) before you flip it, ideally using tongs not a fork.
  • 6) Cooking time will depend on your hob and how you like your fillet steak cooked; you can monitor cooking by feel. Here’s how: Prod the squishy bit at the bottom of your thumb, this is raw fillet steak. Now touch your thumb to your index finger and squish again, this is fillet steak cooked rare. Lastly touch your thumb and little finger; this is well done fillet steak. Your middle finger is medium rare and your ring finger medium; practice makes perfect on this one!.