Gloucester Old Spot piglets born for Easter weekend

Welcome to our new Gloucester Old Spot piglets born on Good Friday ready for the Easter Weekend. The Coopers Farm team had been watching our sow for quite a few weeks eagerly waiting for her to show signs of going into labour ( nesting, milk production)

The sow was checked in the morning and no signs were noted. By the evening when the sow was checked it was noted that she was producing milk. The young farmers (Katie, Lily and Joe) were called to help with the imminent arrival. The first piglet arrived about supper time with lots of excitement from the team. The sow needed assistance to deliver 2 of the piglets as she was having difficulty due to them being in the breach position.

Our sow gave birth to 11 piglets. Sadly 1 died at birth and the other was crushed during the labour process. The remaining 9 piglets are all thriving and our sow is proving what a fantastic mother she is.

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